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Head Start to Reading

For Pre-K children who will be starting Kindergarten the within the next school year

Ten 55-minute sessions

Head Start to Reading will introduce your child to reading and provide the head start needed to better prepare your child for Kindergarten! Each class includes fun activities and positive learning experiences that introduce high frequency words through games and manipulative activities. The children often find themselves being authors and illustrators of their very own books that they can read! The 55-minute sessions are designed to be building blocks that increase reading vocabulary. You will soon find your child reading stories right along with you! It is a positive learning time where confidence in reading is the main goal! A refresher class is offered the week before kindergarten to review the words and skills learned in the Head Start to Reading class.

Next Steps to Reading

Available to students who have completed Head Start to Reading

Ten 55-minute sessions

Next Steps to Reading is available to students who have completed Head Start to Reading! It is filled with fun learning activities designed to introduce your child to phonetic strategies necessary for reading with a focus on short vowel sounds. The letter sounds are taught with hand signals to give a multi-sensory approach to phonics. The children see the letter, hear the sound it makes, and learn a hand-signal for the letter as well! These reading strategies are combined with even more high frequency words so your child’s reading vocabulary can greatly expand!

Write-Track Reading

Available to children who have completed Next Steps to Reading

Nine 55-minute sessions

Write-Track Reading will focus on handwriting instruction and applying letters to sounds we hear in words! Each class will begin with a fun exercise to strengthen hand muscles. We will then learn the proper handwriting techniques for a set of letters. The sounds of these letters will be practiced as children write words and listen for each sound that is needed for that word! Our fun stories and activities will of course continue as we practice our new skills!

Refresher Classes

Available to children who have completed Head Start to Reading or Next Steps to Reading during the current school year

One Time 2-hour review class

The Reading Refresher Class is a class that offers a fun way to review the words and skills your child has learned this year! The Head Start Refresher will review the reading vocabulary that was taught in the Head Start to Reading class. The Next Steps Refresher will review the words and phonics that were taught in both the Head Start and Next Steps to Reading classes. The class meets one time for 2 hours. Class time will be spent playing some of our favorite word games and doing manipulative activities that review the words the children have been taught! As usual, the class is designed to be a fun, hands-on learning time! 

Skill Builders

A Kindergarten level class for children who have completed Next Steps to Reading

Ten 55-minute classes

Skill Builders is a class available to students who have completed Next Steps to Reading. This class covers the Kindergarten and first semester of 1st Grade sight word list!  It also supports phonics skills such as the sounds of sh/ch/th, ee, ay, and ck. The fun and flavor of the Head Start to Reading classes continue in this upbeat, activity based learning time! 

Reading Adventures

Available in the summer to children who will be starting 1st Grade in the Fall

Nine 85-minute sessions

Reading Adventures is available to students who have completed kindergarten and will be attending 1st grade in the Fall! This literature-based curriculum provides a fun way for your child to learn and apply reading skills to popular children’s books! Each class will be centered around a featured book – we will learn a phonics skill, apply what we’ve learned as we read the featured book together, and participate in various fun and educational activities based on that book! These activities are not only designed to make reading more exciting, but your child will also practice skills like graphing, sequencing, and retelling stories! The students will walk away from each class with a complete experience of the featured book! Handwriting technique is also included in each learning time to give your child the opportunity to practice handwriting throughout the summer. This primary goal of this class is to keep children immersed in books throughout the summer when school is not in session!

My Route to Reading

Private Individual Instruction for children aged 3-5

My Route to Reading offers individual reading instruction to children between the ages of 3 and 5!  During this instructional time your child will be taken through the progression of lessons of the five courses offered by Head Start to Reading, but instruction will be individualized to meet the pace of your child!  We will start with lesson 1 of Head Start to Reading and progress as far as you’d like to class 9 of Reading Adventures!  We will move slowly through the skills that may require a bit of extra time and will spend less time on the skills your child picks up quickly!  

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