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                 Become a Licensee

The Head Start to Reading curriculum that has been successfully in use since June 2000 is now available for your use through licensing!


Head Start to Reading, LLC has been teaching young children to read since the year 2000.  It started with one set of lessons, but as parents asked for more reading instruction, additional sets of lessons were added to the program.  It now includes a total of 6 sets of lessons that build on each other taking children from their Pre-K year through the summer prior to 1st Grade!  Head Start to Reading is truly a unique reading program and has been profitable since its inception.  It is based in Northwest Houston, but we often have requests to offer it in other parts of the city, the state, and the country!  We welcome you as you join us in making this available to so many other students!


Each of these 6 programs is available for licensing.  They can be licensed independently or as a group.  


Licenses are limited to 1 per zip code.  The Licensing Agreement gives you sole access to teach in any part of that zip code for the full term of your Licensing Agreement.  You are welcome to teach students from other zip codes, but you can only teach within the zip code that you reserve.  This is to limit competition within an area.


As an independent business, you would pay an annual licensing fee for each curriculum you choose as well as a per student fee.  This enables you to have access to all of the lessons in the curriculum that you license for 12-months as well as some of the supplies needed for the number of students you designate.  

I'm Interested!  What do I do next?

Contact Diane Miller at to request more information.  A packet will be sent to you by email.  


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