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The Reading Advantage

Head Start to Reading is a program designed to give young children a great start in reading!  There are classes for 4 and 5 year old children who will be starting Kindergarten next year and classes available for children who are currently in Kindergarten!

My daughter LOVES Head Start to Reading!

I was actually a bit emotional when she sat with me one night and actually read some of her words. She loves to learn new skills. Seeing “her words” in stories or on signs has given her a stronger connection to her environment and has definitely made her proud of herself. Being a reading teacher in CFISD for 9 years and working as a consultant in schools for low performing students, I can greatly appreciate the value of my daughter feeling successful with her reading. She has never felt insecure or intimidated to “try” in her class…another life long skill I strongly believe in. She can be a little tough on herself…expecting her “brain” to get things the first time. I know with the next step of the program, as well as her future years as a reader, she will overcome that. I just wanted to make sure you were reminded of the value of what y'all are doing and the pride the parents feel when their child reads to them.

Thanks again!

Letter written by a parent

Adult Students
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